Toothbrush Dental Whitening

Most people will notice that over longer period teeth don’t look as white as they looked few years ago. Teeth whitening refers to a variety of processes that aim to make someone’s natural teeth appear brighter and whiter. Teeth whitening methods include sanding down stains, bleaching, ultraviolet (UV) light therapy, and more. Everyone will consider asking what causes teeth discolouration and how to help to improve on colour. One of the most important thinks we will look at is staining and will remove it to see natural colour of enamel. Secondly will look at your health of gums and enamel structure to advice which whitening method to recommend. We can offer home whitening also as laser whitening procedures at Toothbrush Dental practice. Home whitening or laser procedures will be discussed and explained to patient. If patient will consider thinking about cost and procedure, we always give time for patient to decide and do own research on google about both whitening techniques and we will only proceed with whitening if patient have good understanding about procedure and results. There is a cost different between home whitening (example: Boutique) and Zoom or BlanCone laser whitening procedures and if you like to get more information about prices and process, please contact us on 02084889356 and our team will be happy to assist you.


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