Toothbrush Dental Veneer

These days dentistry is very flexible and able to offer affordable options of dental veneers. Dental veneer is a cosmetic procedure in dentistry. Everyone who wants to enhance appearance of their smile can explore veneers. There are few different types of veneers available like: composite, non-prep and removable. Porcelain veneers are made in laboratory and they require preparation and some enamel must be removed to fit tooth anatomy after cementation.  Composite veneer can be made in dental chair by dentist or by dental technician and it also require some enamel adjustment.  Non-prep veneers or minimal prep are less invasive option and can be made only from composite material. Removable veneer or pop-o veneers are like retainers and patient can take them out when eating and overnight. Any dental veneer procedure is aesthetic solution for chipped, broken, stained, misshaped teeth.  There is a cost different between composite or porcelain veneer and if you like to get more information about prices and process, please contact us on 02084889356 and our team will be happy to assist you.


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