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At ToothBrush Dental, we constantly endeavour to provide the highest quality service. This agreement provides further details of our terms and conditions of service. As a patient of ToothBrush Dental, we ask that you agree to follow these terms and conditions.

Treatment planning

Once patients treatment plan has been agreed upon with the Dentist or Dental Specialist, we must provide printed details of patients treatment plan. If this plan changes due to radiographic or clinical findings, we must inform patient and discuss this with them. Treatment plans and fees are valid for 90 days from the date the treatment was prescribed and if patient wishes to query any points on their treatment plan this must be discussed and informed by the dentist.

Consent forms

All treatments require the completion of verbal consent and a written consent form. This explains the treatment, aftercare, any risks, and benefits to patient thoroughly before any of these treatments are carried out. This is the responsibility of the dentist.

Consent for any treatment can be withdrawn at any point by the patient or dental professional.


The final balance for treatment is due on the day the treatment is provided. For larger treatments a minimum of 50% of any future appointment fee is required when booking an appointment. We do not operate an account in an arrear’s facility, and we need payments to be settled at the appointment where treatment is provided. Where treatment incurs a laboratory fee, a minimum of 50% of the total cost is due at the appointment when impressions are taken. For specific treatments like Dental Implants, braces and Invisalign, fees are taken in staged payments and at each visit outlined in patients’ treatment plan.

In cases where treatment is paid for on finance through a Finance company, please be aware that the finance agreement must be accepted and signed before starting that treatment.

If patient has financed any of their treatment costs through the finance company and wish to cancel their treatment after signing the agreement forms, please be aware that a cancellation fee of up to 15% of the total finance amount will be charged. 

Payment methods accepted are:

  1. Cash
  2. Debit/Credit Card including American Express

ToothBrush Dental does not accept any payments by cheque. Please note that unpaid accounts are routinely referred to a Debt Collection Agency or the Small Claims Court, and we reserve the right to recover all costs incurred in doing so.

Late cancellation or missed appointments

We require a minimum of 48 business hours notice to cancel an arranged appointment with our General Dentist or Hygienist, and 72 business hours notice is required for a set appointment with our Specialist Dentists.

When we schedule an appointment for a patient, we book the surgery time off for that patient’s treatment. Failure to give the appropriate notice of cancellation or not attending appointment may result in a Failed Appointment Fee being charged. This fee is charged per 30 minutes of the appointment failed and covers the cost of the surgery time wasted. The cancellation fees are:

Failed Appointment fees must be settled before any other appointment is offered.

We reserve the right to take a minimum of 50% deposit to book further appointments for missed appointments or short notice cancellations.

Please note it is also down to the clinic discretion if further appointments can be booked for any late cancellations or missed appointments.

Late for appointments

ToothBrush Dental understand that some patients travel long distances to get to the clinic, and in some cases, being late for appointments can be unavoidable. If patients are more than 10 minutes, please be aware that patient may be asked to reschedule your appointment. If ypu missed your appointment or cancelled on a same day £20 fail to attned charge will apply prior next booking. 

Personal Details

Patient must give a completed medical history and details of any medications taken. Should these change in any way, patient needs to tell receptionist and Dentist. Dentist must thoroughly check patients’ medical history prior the patient entering the room. It’s the patient’s responsibility is to inform the clinic of any personal details and medical history changes.


At ToothBrush Dental, we offer a 12-month guarantee for permanent fillings and 36 months for crown and bridgework, provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The patient has fully paid for the treatment and does not owe the practice any money for the treatment received.
  2. The restorations have not been damaged because of accidents, trauma, or excessive grinding.
  3. The patient has followed all post treatment maintenance recommendations made by our dentists.
  4. The patient has attended a routine examination every six months.
  5. All new patients must have a hygiene session prior any cosmetic, whitening, prosthetic, implants, or any other dental treatment.


If you have Dental Implants with us, patient can choose to also incorporate extended protection for the first 12 months following their implant procedure and thereafter. The protection also gives patient cover for any emergency that may cause the implant, the components, or the crown/bridge on the implants. This cover is valid across all our clinics and selected specialist clinics in the UK.

Invisalign treatment comes with a guarantee by Align technology in some cases. We recommend that patient familiarize themself with these when they have Invisalign treatment. Some treatments may have a guarantee of less than one year, and in this case, patient will be informed by the Dentist either verbally or in writing, or both.

Use of Images and X-rays

ToothBrush Dental may ask to use images and x-rays of patients smile and teeth only for marketing and educational purposes. We may also ask patient to participate in videos in collaboration with our videographers. Such arrangements will be discussed with patient before and agreed upon separately.

Pictures of patient’s teeth are essential in communication with the dental laboratory that handmade dental restorations are required to ensure the best aesthetic results.

Use of patient contact details

At ToothBrush Dental, the health of our patients is our highest priority, and we also like to keep our patients informed of various significant changes at the clinic and our latest special offers. We want to remind our patients of their appointments, appointments, and other various essential reminders when they are due for appointments. On this note, patient may be periodically contacted by the clinic via phone, text, email or by letter in the post. If patient DOES NOT wish to be contacted by the clinic by any or all these means, they must let us know.

Complaint’s policy

If you should be concerned about the service you have received from the dentists or any member of staff working in practice, please let us know. We operate a Practice Complaints Procedure that adheres to national criteria.

We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise, and with the person concerned. If patients’ problem cannot be sorted out in this way and patient has the right to let the manger know, please do so as soon as possible to enable management to establish what has happened more easily.

Some complaints are best dealt with less formally by discussing concerns with our Practice Team. We will explain the complaints procedure to patient and ensure patients matters are dealt with promptly. If patient is not fully satisfied with the outcome after dealing with the practice team, manager will assist patient in progressing a complaint to the more formal process outlined below.

Formal complaints should be put in writing and addressed to our company complaints officer Erika Sabkauskiene ( Patients’ complaint will be acknowledged in writing within three working days. We will outline what we will investigate, how and give an approximate timescale that is best suited to the patient to keep them informed of the progress of the investigation and the timeframe of how long we think it will take to be completed. We shall keep patient informed regularly as far as practically possible. We shall then offer patient a full explanation or arrange a meeting with those involved and discuss this confidentially either in writing or in person within our private discussion area.

In investigating the complaint, we shall aim to:

  1. Find out what happened and what went wrong.
  2. Keep proper and comprehensive records of any complaint received.
  3. Make it possible for patient to discuss the problems with those concerned if they wish to do so.
  4. Give patient an estimated timescale for the investigation to be completed. 
  5. Gain patients consent where information may need to be shared with insurers, indemnifiers, or legal advisers.
  6. Make sure that patient receive notification of the outcome of our investigation of their complaint where appropriate within ten working days. 
  7. Identify what we can do to ensure that it does not happen again, as all complaints are monitored closely as part of our commitment to improving the practice standards.


If patient is not satisfied at any point within the investigation, their complaint will be sent to use the external complaints team.

Dental Complaints Service Stephenson House 2 Cherry Orchard Road Croydon CR0 6BA Telephone: 020 8253 0800

General Dental Council 37 Wimpole Street London W1G 8DQ Email: Telephone: 0845 222 4141 or 020 7887 3800

No tolerance/Abuse policy

We operate a zero-tolerance policy to abuse our Dentists and staff, loud/disorderly/drunken behaviour, persistent missing and late cancellation of appointments (after multiple warnings). In these situations, Toothbrush Dental reserves the right to refuse treatment and admission.

Data Protection Act

We store all patient personal details on a secure computer system following the Data Protection Act & GDPR. All clinical notes, digital radiographs, digital photographs etc., remain the property of Toothbrush Dentl and accessible to view. Copies of records, radiographs and photos can be made available on request. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for these, depending on the request.

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