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Visit to dental hygienist become very popular between adults in a past 20 years. In UK every patient has right to go hygienist and there is no need referral from dentist. If you like to choose our clinic to see hygienist, you will be asked to sign Direct Access form and we will be happy to provide best cleaning and care. Most of the time patients see hygienist 2-3 times per year, however if your bleeding gums, you experience bad breath, periodontal problems, for a better control you benefit seeing hygienist 3-4 times per year.  The procedure contains full gum assessment, recommendation, education, cleaning teeth with an ultrasonic scaler, air polishing and polishing. There are different ways of plaque, calculus, staining removal from your teeth. At Toothbrush dental we are working with finest products and equipment to provide best care for all our patients. Every patient is different and require different cleaning and care, including instructions. Our hygienist can advise and explain what procedure hey will provide first.  At Toothbrush dental we are changing rules and advice not only to adults, but children visit hygienist. We believe that if child follow effective cleaning routine, they more likely never need any dental treatment. We advise children from age 11 to see hygienist ones per year. If parent believe that child need extra care and instructions, we accept children form age 9.

To book your appointment with our hygienist its very simple and flexible. Phone to our practice on 02084889356 and out team will be able to assist you.

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