Toothbrush Dental Filling

Dental filling is the most common method of restoring damaged teeth. It is used in the treatment of cavities, pulpitis, restorations after traumatic damage (chips, fractures). In general, the filling restores the anatomical integrity of the tooth, its normal functioning, as well as prevents further development of the processes of destruction, in particular caries.

Toothbrush dental practice is fully Mercury - free dental practice which mean that you only will receive best quality, tooth coloured dental restoration when you need to repair your tooth.

Composite filling material is most common material for tooth reconstruction. Being light weight but hight strength. Due to a material texture is easy to design and create natural tooth look.

Tooth can develop caries or fracture, chip, or crack without you notice that. It is not always your fault that tooth decayed or developed second caries under an old filling. Remember - nothing last forever.  If you had filling in your early years, we need to consider that eventually filling will need replacement.  This is where examination come very important as part of assessment.


If you need any new filling or old filling replacement, before any treatment at Toothbrush dental practice our professional team will talk and explain, look at the x-rays carefully and discuss with you cost and treatment you need, simply contact our team on 02084883956 and we will be able to help you.


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