Toothbrush Dental Frequently Asked Question

How often I should see dentist for routine check-up?

Everyone should see dentist twice per year for routine check-up. Prevent is always easier that cure and is it any little problem will be solved in early stage you will be able to prevent from any unnecessary expensive and unpleasant treatment in future? Dentist will make x-ray to make shore that something that could be hidden under your gums(calculus) or enamel layer(caries) is detected and fixed as soon as possible.

How often I should see dental hygienist for teeth cleaning?

Everyone is highly recommended to see dental hygienist twice per year to make shore that gums are healthy. Very often people ignore bleeding or sensitive gums. These symptoms can be sign of gingivitis or periodontal disease.  Dental hygienist will make full assessment of your gums and will explain how to improve on oral health also as will show flossing and cleaning in between techniques. As we all use our teeth 24/7 the always need of enamel care and polish from coffee, tea, wine or tabaco stains. Dental hygienist uses different type of polishing system like air polishing.

What is Air Polishing?

Air polishing is type of polishing used by dental hygienist to remove stains from enamel and deeper layers of enamel. This technique is used to improve on color of enamel prior whitening or if teeth are too sensitive for whitening procedure. Air polishing machine will spray micro particles of powder and from distance will clean staining away. Majority of patient will describe this procedure as “powder jet” and it’s not painful. This procedure available after general scale and polish to improve and make most of hygiene visit.   

At what age should child first see a dentist?

Children are keen to learn and be familiar with location and people to make them feel comfortable. Since your child is 1, we highly recommend booking first visit to a dentist. At first visit will be easy and friendly and your child will hold good memories about dental visit. You will be advised to bring your child one to two twice per year to avoid any dental caries so he will never experience dental problem. Dentist will advice on brushing also as on diet, most of the time child will listed carefully and follow instructions.

At what age should child first see a dental hygienist?

If your child’s diet and cleaning habits are good, we recommend first hygiene visit at age 11. This age children will learn how to show and will create good oral hygiene habits. At this age majority of adult teeth already erupted and its good time to check on plaque control. Children at first will receive plaque removal and polishing session. Future recall will maintain ones per year, however if child need support and assistance, hygienist may recall twice per year till improvement is visible. 

Can I see dental hygienist directly without seeing a dentist? What is a Direct Access?

Yes. Anyone is UK are eligible to see hygienist without any referral from a dentist. You must check with a practice by booking am appointment if they access patient by direct access?
Direct access - dental hygienists and dental therapists can carry out their full scope of practice without prescription and without the patient having to see a dentist first. The only exception to this is tooth whitening, which must still be carried out on prescription from a dentist.

Can I use dental hygienist at different practice from my dentist?

Yes. Dental hygienist is same as your hairdresser and you can see different one if you not happy or practice doesn’t hold full equipment, like: air polisher. If you like to keep dentist, you able to go to different practice for cleaning. 

How can I make appointment with dentist or dental hygienist at Toothbrush Dental practice?

To make an appointment is straight forward: just phone us on 02084889356 and book or you can email us and we will get back to you and will book appointment for you.

Do you accept an emergency patient? What is an emergency treatment?

Yes. Every new patient who is experience pain or discomfort will be registered as emergency patient. Emergency treatment is available on same day and we will make shore to fix a problem or provide necessary treatment to reduce pain or discomfort.

Can I get antibiotics prescribed over the phone?

Yes and No. There is only an exceptional circumstance that dentist will prescribe antibiotics over the phone. Normally you will have to see dentist for an assessment and only if necessary you will be prescribed antibiotics. 

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