Toothbrush Dental Examination

There is nothing more important than look after teeth daily by brushing and eat healthy food to prevent any unnecessary dental treatment. Benefits of having examinations, is to spot problems or in many cases prevent problems before they even happen. Adults and children are advised to have dental examination every 6 months. If necessary, x-rays are taken to assess if any problems like caries developing inside a tooth. An orthopantomogram image (OPG) are recommended to be taken to assess wisdom teeth position, general bone level, sinus, or other mouth and teeth related fragments.  General dental examination normally takes between 20-30 minute. You can discuss or ask your dentist any cosmetic concerns that you might have, such as whitening, straightening or teeth grinding that you have noticed. If your dentist noted some abnormalities or tooth decay, you will be advised on treatment and payment options. If you looking to arrange your dental examination visit, please contact us on 02084889356 and our team will be happy to assist you.  


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