Teeth straightening with aligners
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Teeth straightening with aligners

Teeth straightening with aligners is one of the popular methods to straighten teeth without wearing braces. Clear braces are an alternative orthodontic treatment to fix crooked teeth.  Aligners are an amazing advanced technology that improves your smile quickly and discreetly. A clear aligner system can resolve future problems such as:

  • crowding
  • spacing
  • overjet
  • overbite
  • open bite
  • midline discrepancies

What are teeth straightening with aligners process?

Firstly, we examine the position of the patient's teeth to ensure that clear aligners are suitable for them. Set up teeth straightening treatment. The movement of each tooth is manually plotted to determine the action that is required to achieve the patient’s future smile, we sometimes offer alternative orthodontic treatment.

After the treatment plan is calculated, the system will show how many aligners are required. The software generates graphics and animation showing the transition of the teeth.  If the patient is happy with the result, the laboratory will custom-make the straightening aligners.

To start with clear braces, seeing a dentist or orthodontist for an assessment is essential. After the assessment, the 5 steps of treatment will follow:

  1. Impressions are taken and sent to technicians
  2. Treatment plan set up by digital 3d software
  3. Treatment plan presentation to a patient
  4. After accepting the treatment plan, aligners will be created
  5. Patients start wearing aligners in approximately 2 week time

What to expect over a clear aligners treatment?

With removable aligners, we expect patients to be ready and wear them 22 hours daily throughout the dental treatment. It depends on crowding straightening with aligners, which can take 6 to 24 months. Each patient is consulted on the complexity of treatment. At our clinic, we offer a high-quality aligner system

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