Face masks and oral health
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  • 2022-11-21 02:38:09

Face masks and oral health

Effect of face masks on oral health

Effect of face masks on oral health lead to tooth brushing frequency decreasing after COVID-19 outbreak. The use of face masks affected peoples oral health all over the world.  People are significantly less concerned about oral health. A face masks is something which securely covers the nose and mouth and protects people from the virus spread also covering the teeth and the smile. Effect of wearing face masks lead to the mouth dehydration. As a result this cause more plaque accumulation and caries growth. But one of other concerns may apply is esthetic. Following  NCBI( US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health ) search people are significantly less concerned about their smile and dental esthetics with the use of mask.

Effect of face masks on oral health concerning dental professionals  on esthetics also as health. Since access to dental services has been severely limited and will take time to recover, people  may develop oral health problems that could  lead to more expensive gum and dental treatment.

To prevent periodontal gum disease enough to see dental hygienist for routine plaque removal. This procedure is affordable and very much available in all dental practices. Removing plaque on regular base prevents from bleeding gums , bad breath and periodontist.

Regular visit to dentist allow to examine state of teeth and diagnose any problem in early stage. If patient requires to treat small cavity it will be easy and affordable. Leaving cavity to grow, later require bigger filling or more complex treatment like root canal treatment.

We are here to help to each patient and we like to tell you that “there’s no greater satisfaction than care and love keeping all patients healthy and happy”.

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